Local songstress LXXS, born Alexis Romaine Tillman in Cincinnati, Ohio, was groomed for the music industry. At the tender age of five years old, the ‘Nati native began her journey into what would turn out to be true love. Singing and dancing in front of the congregation of her uncle’s church, started a fire in young LS that she would soon ignite further.

Between watching her family and discovering her love for Beyonce herself, Alexis had no choice but to explore her talents and expression through music. The adolescent LXXS discovered that singing was something that came naturally to her, even more so that it would be a great outlet for the troubles of her everyday life. Realizing not only her passion for music, but what a release it can be to express her sorrows through song, was life changing for the soon to be artist. Feeling empowered through music, she hopes that she can then empower other youth to not have to fit into the social norms of society.

Growing up around music and having a knack for creativity, LXXS plans to take over the world with her voice